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(19:36:34) Tina C (guest):

Molly.. I was talking with Azda Smiley-tongue

(19:36:45) Tina C (guest):


(19:36:45) Molly:

Enough! Mooooh!

(17:53:53) Azda:

Tina C - I have no idea. Do you want me to ask them?

(17:53:58) Azda:


(19:00:25) Tina C (guest):

Yes, please do that Azda Smiley Would be nice if they have time and lust to join Smiley

(19:02:55) Tina C (guest):

I'm thinking the chat will be in the beginning of april Smiley

(22:01:51) Azda:

Tina C - I'll ask them Smiley-cyclops

(22:02:20) Azda:

some new old merch in the archive http://www.d-a-d.dk/archive/promo-stuff-and-merchandise Smiley-midget

(22:02:20) Molly:


(22:23:10) Tina C (guest):

Perfect and thanks, Azda Smiley Will you set a date, if they say yes? And if so, maybe it would be a great idea to send an email out the all the netpets, so we can get as many in here as possible Smiley

(02:27:35) Jill (guest):

What's the chances of a tour in Australia? My boyfriend won't fly so.... I'd personally fly anywhere to see the awesomeness of DAD

(21:46:12) Azda:

Tina C - in case they say yes I will. Of course Smiley

(21:47:22) Azda:

Jill - let's say: "keep your fingers crossed" - or come here on your own Smiley-wink

(23:25:42) Tina C (guest):

Great Smiley-midget Thanks Azda. And Hello Molly

(23:25:42) Molly:

Hello, my hay is waiting so: Mooooh!

(23:26:18) Tina C (guest):

Ok, goodnight and sweet dreams Smiley-yawn-more

(23:26:18) Molly:

Goodnight, see you at the stables! Mooh!

(23:26:18) Molly:

Good night, sleep tight - moooh!

(23:26:29) Tina C (guest):