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(18:34:04) Tina C (guest):

I'm out again Smiley So long.. bye

(18:34:04) Molly:

Bye bye, see you at the stables! Moooh!

(05:05:27) Peter m (guest):

Hey when are u bck in far east singapore cebu filippinerne Kina? .

(13:58:13) Azda:

hi Tina - yes, very nice to see you and also GF here! Smiley-midget

(13:58:43) Azda:

and no, no chat now Smiley-tongue

(13:59:43) Azda:

Peter m - no plans for the Far East at the moment

(20:11:20) Azda:

check out 10 year old Johanne Astrid play drums with D-A-D: http://underholdning.tv2.dk/2017-05-18-johanne-astrid-fyrer-den-af-med-s... Smiley-laugh

(20:11:20) Molly:


(20:57:22) Azda:

RIP Chris Cornell: https://youtu.be/vRf5RAYDE-8 Smiley-sad

(20:57:22) Molly:

Corn! You're spoiling me. Moooh - and thanks!

(20:57:38) Azda:

well Molly...

(14:10:19) Azda:

Fanø tonight - are you ready?! Smiley-sunglasses

(15:32:11) Azda:

photos from Fanø: http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/fan%C3%B8-vesterland-2017 Smiley-tongue

(15:32:11) Molly:


(21:00:01) Azda:

hey ho Molly Smiley-midget

(18:31:16) Azda:

23:00 https://www.facebook.com/d.landafterdark/ - live from backstage with DAD@Jelling Festival Smiley-tongue

(07:04:24) Azda:

'morning Molly - are you ready for Hede Rytmer?! Smiley-sunglasses

(07:04:24) Molly:

Good morning! Moooh!

(07:11:54) Azda:

hey Molly - check out what you looked like in Jelling: http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/jelling-musikfestival-2017 Smiley-laugh

(07:11:54) Molly: