Super band! Keep on rocking! Holas from Finland \,,/


måske har man en mulighed at kunne skrive med en af jer. jeg har mit eget band og min drummer er et stort fan er jer, derfor spiller vi nogen sange af jer... jeg ville faktisk spørge om der var en mulighed en gang om I havde tid til at høre os spille fordi det ville altid være godt med nogen gode råd. hilsen Jenna (Another D!mens!on)

Thanks for the tunes...

20 years ago searching through music stores on hols in Bali (live in Perth) and on the monitor saw 15 seconds of Riskin It All...bought the CASSETTE and was hooked - every single track over and over then bought the CD many times as I kept spreading the crazy around friends. Whilst I had no internet back then, thought you guys were called Drunk n Disorderly hehe and so anytime I researched came up blanks...5 years ago working with a new colleague and he advised me your story and web stuff,and you guys rank a rockin No 1. in my music world. The creamy clean tones of your guitar, made to order vocal timbre, superb percussion and driving rock bass lines with meaningful lyrics and bit of crazy fun just to me have no rival on the planet. Not afraid to say that enjoying your music along the way kept me motivated to face another day in my darkest hours so thanks. Keep it rockin and please come visit us in Aussie sometime ..regardless coming to Europe asap and your on my itinerary. Your talent and mastery of your art is so appreciated.

LnL stylzee

Good to revisit you again

Hi guys,
Talking to you from Portugal.
For many years (since reconstructedead) I did not hear from you. Few months ago I felt like wondering where were you and what were you doing.
I was pretty amazed when I saw the new albums. Congratulations you just reconquered a big fan.
Are you planning to come to Portugal?

Tak for fed koncert i Sønderborg

Hej DAD.
Tusinde tak for en fed koncert i Sønderborg.
Derudover skal i have tak for at sætte gang i fødslen af vores lille dreng. Veerne startede under jeres koncert, kunne dog holde ud til lørdag morgen hvor vores søn så dagens lys. Vi har fra dag et af hvor vi fandt ud af at jeg var gravid, håbet på at vi kunne nå at høre jeres koncert. Hvilket junior så også lod os gøre.
Endnu en gang tak.
Hilsen Christina og co.

Hello from Australia!

Hey Dudes,
I love your band and wish there was a bigger following for you here in Oz so u could come out here & do some serious rockin'. Would love to see you guys live. Love the new album (love every album) and soooo wish 'I Wont Cut My Hair' was gonna be releasd in english. All good though, i respect the band enough that i think im gonna learn danish so i can read it.
Love your work D-A-D.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit... Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.



Jag undrar om ni har släppt spelningen i roskilde-05 på DVD. Har sett mycket på youtube från denna konsert. skulle vilja ha den på DVD eller Blu-Ray?

Tillykke Jesper

Hej Jesper
Et stort Tillykke med fødselsdagen. Håber at du får masser af dejlige gaver og og at du
også får en dejlig dag. Vi ses i 2013.

Stort knus riskin


I er for seje gutter, jeg har hørt på jeres musik siden sleeping my day away og derefter var jeg jo nød til at høre det der var før og siden, blev ikke mindre hooct på jeres musik med tiden Smiley i gør det squ godt. Tak for de mange fede oplevelser med jeres musik i de sene nattetimer som i dagtimerne Smiley-midget Vh.Jan Nielsen

Jan Nielsen



rockstad falun

tack för en så jävla bra konsert ni var bäst i falun såg er även på cirkus i stockholm i aprill så jävla bra är ni m.v.h. micke

True believer

Bought DVD "True believer": CHAPEAU for you to have the courage to published so much personal content. Hey Stig: Nice car (Jaguar xk????). My saying: Stroke instead 3Gof speed!


När ni spelade på Peace and love så skrev jag och önskade min absoluta favorit låt, "Something Good". Men ni spelade inte den, ni kanske är rädda för att spela balader på festivaler. Men nu ber jag er igen, spela den på Rockstad falun och gör mig till den lyckligaste tjejen i världen!!
Ni är bäst!


Vilka ska till Falun till helgen?? Smiley-midget
Cobber rules!!!! <3


Vilka ska till Fualu och se det bästa man kan se?? Smiley-midget // Lotta


I surely would be careful about asking for Al Qaeda - they may be closer than you think.
I just read that a young man died accidently at Wacken because he slept in his open trailer under some cover, but apparently too close to a generator which lead out carbon monoxide Smiley-midget-sad - Please, you young ppl, we really don't want to lose you! - Think carefully what you're doing, especially when you are doing things that you are not used to.

Greetings from an old lady who believes in the young generations Smiley-midget

If we are put on earth to help other ppl - why are other ppl here?


Have seen You in Wacken at 2:00a.m., was awake immediatly!!! You really kicked ass!!!
My opinion about Wacken this year: 1. D-A-D, 2.nothing, 3. After a while: VOLLBEAT.
The rest was real bullshit. I was so ashamed about our german "pain-in-the-ass" SCORPIONS, that I wanted to dig my own grave. (Where is Al-Quaida when you need it?)
Danish rock rules!!!

Fantastiske D.A.D.

Tusind tak for en fantastisk aften i går. Det var vildt at opleve jer til Ringsted Festivallen, det er helt sikkert ikke sidste gang jeg har oplevet jer Smiley-midget

Stig's bass tabs

Hi! Does anyone know where I can find Stig's bass tabs? Thanks

Kieler Woche/ Wacken

I`m a fan from D.A.D since 1980`s an was very pleased to see you in Kiel. So, thank you for that gig, I enjoyed it very much, was a big fun.
See you in Wacken.

No Regrets! ;)

Had a real blast at the concert in Skive!! Went from Norway for my show with D-A-D! Brought the whole family with me, my ex-wife and two lovely (D-A-D loving) daughters aged 12 and 21 (and her boyfriend). The reason for doing this travel was because of my own silliness, was too drunk to get in at the Rockefeller show in Oslo, ha ha. Woke up with the worst hangover ever, and bad conciusness, so had to order tickets for boat, show, hotel etc.for the whole bunch. Costed me 10 000 norwegian kroner, but was worth every "penny", ha ha. Hope you will be back in Norway soon!

Hi Y'all !!!

Fan from the 80s saying howdy from across the pond! Love the music, new & old - keep up the good work!
Someday, come visit the states.....Please!

Be yourself - everyone else is taken


Divine And Diamonds! Absolutely Great Show in Joensuu last saturday. Best Regards, Valtteri

Thanks :)

I heard you in Ilosaarirock (Finland) and fell in love with your band Smiley-midget-laugh Keep rockin n rollin! I love you guyes!

Ilosaarirock 2012

Wellcome to Joensuu rockcity, good to have U here! Let's rock!

Please... come to the US!

The best band ever!!!!! keep on rocki'n it all!


Met Jesper & Cobber in Camden London in Feb just walking the town!!!. Sold out show was awesome!! Please come back dont play over here often enough!!!

I stedet for at tage til CZ,

I stedet for at tage til CZ, så bliv dog i Danmark og kom på Vig festival eller noget :P Der fik jeg min største festival oplevelse :P

Men vi ses da i Tivoli!




Kærlighed ved første blik i 1988 ((-: Glæder mig til Wacken 2012.............. LOVE U


Ville bare lige sige TAAAK for en fed koncert til rock under broen - det var min fedeste koncertoplevelse nogensinde, indtil på lørdag, hvor jeg har glæden af at se jer igen! Smiley-midget-laugh Tak for at have været en kæmpe inspiration og en fast del af hele mit liv, helt fra barnsben af, I er for seje Smiley-midget Og Jesper, du har det mest velplejede hår, jeg nogensinde har set! Smiley-midget-laugh

Jesper Rules - Lyrics with music

My comment after your show at Trägårn' still stands.(sloppy,but with me expecting too much) Now listening to you this past weekend I've reconciderd. Jespers lyrics is comparable to Bon Scott, awesome band, AC/DC pre-80. You've got the fantastic lyrics compared with licks.

All the best (Go Denmark - EURO 2012, great performance against Holland!)

Mikael - SWEDEN

A New Age Is Moving In!

i am your new fan

hai gais - i dont speak danish - maybe some of you dont understand german - so i´ll try my best in english :
49years old and once more delighted, it´s the first time since about 15-20 years ago, i had more than one `schauer´(thrill?gooseskin maybe better said?) while listening and watching your great performances live (youtube) but -soorrryy- much more enjoying your ´i want what she´s got´- videoclip! it took very long to understand it, because it was just a wonderfull grip from `i music 1´on astra that is safe and loved on the hdd in my receiver... i´ve never heard your bandname bevor, maybe i didn´t recognize that a bit comic-like name... ? the short form made me curious if its something special: YES IT IS!
to donate your patience while reading these words i wont to explain, that your sound of every single detail is unique, maybe a bit like longer times ago, but with your straight + cool instrumental effects its like i´ve dreamed it a long time ago!(I love to creat strange !and! strong sound with my guitar-equippment) your visual presence looked that naturally weird that my opinion of `todays´ rock-music did change... to what? opening to the long lost believe in honest workmanship in musicbuisiness, i hope ...
enough of these romantic knockouts, maybe we will meet on one of your concerts in nortern germany, i´ll keep my eyes and ears open and my old fellows will have a reserection with your way of showing/doing/feeling good!!! i always knew that there must be something more in denmark - now i´m a little frightened of the open borders, if you all are like this... (YOKE) i can´t wait to blow my new build 2x12"-subwoofers with your beat - its a good death for over 30years old infinity/watkins-chassis! i will think of you by smelling the glowing voicecoils --- my tube-git-amp are mostly all burned inside! good luck and take care of your health - greetings from (frightened) kiel - so long - T!LL


Tack för en underbar konsert på Tivoli i fredags. Jag och min flickvän är mycket glada att vi åkte till Köpenhamn.Hoppas vi ses snart igen.......Take care, boys........../Johan, Halmstad, Sverige


Vil lige infomere jer om jeg har sat et par billeder ind af jer på og facebook. håber det okay.

Heey drenge.

Heey drenge.
Suveræn fed en koncert i Tivoli. I væltede Plænen fuldstændig. Bliver aldrig træt af, at se og høre jer.
I ER VIRKELIG DK´s BEDSTE BAND EVER !!!!!!!!!!! Tænk at i 4 gudeskønne mænd kan lave den musik som i har gjort i så mange år.
Har den dybeste RESPEKT for jer, og det i kan..

Fantastisk takker for i

Fantastisk takker for i fredags Smiley-midget

Hej Jesper, Jacob, Stig og

Hej Jesper, Jacob, Stig og Laust

det vær godt i tivoli. Har billeder der fra


Hei Jesper, Jacob, Stig og Laust

Jeg skal ind og se jer i Tivoli idag. Igen står jeg bagved fordi der kommer sidsyg mange mennesker.
Forståeligt nok, I er jo VERDENS BEDSTE BAND !!!! Smiley-midget-laugh

GLÆDER MIG TIL AT SE JER Smiley-midget-laugh

MVH Mathias Nielsen Smiley-midget-laugh

Ringsted Festival

Hei Jesper, Jacob, Stig og Laust

Glæder Mig virkelig til Ringsted Festival, hvor jeg skal ind og se jer Smiley-midget-laugh
VIl meget gerne have jeres autograf, men kan nok ikke masse mig op foran :C øv det kunne ellers være fedt

Så er det godt man kan nyde jeres musik omme bagved Smiley-midget-laugh

ses TIl Ringsted Festival

MVH Mathias Nielsen :D:D:D:D


Jeg kan ikke beskrive hvor meget jeg glæder mig til at se jer på Wacken!!
Det er for vildt at I spiller der denne sommer.
Lige en fact, det er fedt, når man nævner for en tysker på Wacken, at man kommer fra Danmark, så siger de med det samme "arrrh det er der DAD er fra!!" Smiley-midget

D-A-D after dark

Hej Drenge.
Tak for en fantastisk fed koncert i ungdomshuset i fredags,i gav den maks gas. Det var
rigtig dejligt at se jer igen. Glæder mig til at se jer i tivoli.
Stort Knus

Herning takker for en fed afslutning

Endnu en gang slukker DAD festen i Herning på en fantastisk måde. I er for fede, tak for endnu en god opleveles til en af jeres koncerter. you Rock...

Ungdomshuset After Dark!

Tak for den FEDESTE koncert i går i Ungeren!!!!


Hi guys - saw you in 1995 in Brussels - my pregnant wife was with me; a few weeks later my daughter Kim was born an she's really ROCK'N ROLL - thank you so much

You guys ROCK. Love your work

You guys ROCK. Love your work from Sydney Australia


Hi boys!
Working on a race car (old time style,gasser)
it`s a 66 chevy II and i wounering if you are intrestering to put your logo on my car?
It´s heavy metal,just like you
And i realy want to have your logo on me car!!!!!!!!
mail me att


You rockin!!!

hey D.A.D. !!!! keep on rockin !!! your sooo F... Great !!! Laugh 'N' a 1/2 my favourite song !!! greets from austria !!!

you rock (again)

thank you d-a-d for your fantastic concert last friday at falconer salen. after 2009 at forum once again a small group of austrian d-a-d fans came the long way to kobenhavn to celebrate a great rock-party. great music, great show, great danish people - thank you!

Fantastisk koncert i Falconersalen

Hey drenge. Man tror det er løgn men I bliver bare ved og ved - bedre og bedre Smiley Bliver aldrig træt af at gå til koncert med jer. Tak for en fantastisk aften i Falconer salen. Eneste problem er at I ikke kan nå at spille alle jeres sange. Cobber er en gud på guitar, Stig suveræn på bassen, Laust har bare tilført så meget bag gryderne og Hr. Jesper i front en fornøjelse med nerve og energi alt i alt udemærket!!


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