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Rasmus TheEvilTwin's D-A-D collection

Rasmus TheEvilTwin's collection in 2014 after 3 years of collecting D-A-D stuff. It all started with three cassette tapes (one of them is the Helpyourselfish in his hand on the photo. That tape is also one of his favorite items), and after that it became some sort of hobby for him.
The collection includes for example: 19 12"-vinyls, 8 7"-singles, 41 CDs (PLUS 2 Overmuch-boxes and 19 CD's with D-A-D as a featuring), 18 CD-singles, 8 cassette tapes and 31 pieces of D-A-D clothing (20 of them being t-shirts).

Diana Lindeved Strøm's D-A-D Christmas Card Collection

Diana's D-A-D Hall of fame.

Tina Carstensen's D-A-D Collection

The picture was taken when Tina and her collection participated in a competition, "D-A-D's Biggest Fan", arranged by in 2008. Tina was number 9.

Søren ***Osaka***'s D-A-D Collection

Søren ***Osaka*** was number 4 in DR's competition.

Søren became a D-A-D fan in 1998, when he, together with his father, saw the band live at Roskilde Festival. Søren was only 8 years old at the time!

Five years ago a friend of Søren's big brother showed him his collection of rare D-A-D stuff. The friend also gave Søren a Japanese Riskin' It All. From that day Søren is a collector. His favourite item is the Sleeping My Day Away picture disc single.

Morten Lorenzen's D-A-D Collection

Morten Lorenzen from Odense was the lucky winner of the Biggest Fan competition, arranged by DR.

Jan VP Vestergaard's D-A-D Collection

Jan was number 2 in the competition.