Archive Posters


Poster for filmed concert, Store VEGA, Copenhagen, May 27, 2022

Poster for Full Metal Holiday - Destination Mallorca 2022

Poster for Rock-Sensation '89, Germany October 1989

Provided by Dennis Andersen.

Poster for Riskin It Live, Randershallen February 8, 1992

Provided by Dennis Andersen.

Poster for D-A-D Live 2021

Poster for Turock Over Dubois Arena, Essen, August 15, 2021

Poster for Tilbage til Live, Copenhagen, September 4, 2021

Poster for Queens Hall, Bradford, November 29, 1991

Still on Darren Davy's wall!

Poster for Iron Maiden at Ullevi, Göteborg, Sweden July 3, 2021

The show was postponed to 2022.

Poster for Australian tour 2020 - postponed

Poster for Barowiak, Uppsala, Sweden, February 19, 1986

Photo: Per Arlander @perry_53

Provided by Anders Ringvall.

US Poster for Riskin' It All

Provided by Mikael Thorsson.

Poster for Arena shows 2020 - cancelled

Poster for A Tour for the Loud 2019

Poster for Sweden Tour 2019

Dic.nii.lan.daft.erd.ark Poster

Provided by Paul Sørensen.

Poster for Riskin’ It All For The Pilgrims tour 2016

Poster for Payback Aarhus 2015