It was July 18 -97 in Svedala that I saw D-A-D life for the first time with my friend Robert. The evening began with that we biked from Malmoe to Svedala, without intending on that buses go to Svedala, he he. After one hour cycling we were there. Well in front so, we searched after a place to camp on that the result became a 20 minutes’ cycling back to the concert. The concert was as a dream comes true, we have of course seen our idols, with itʼs after dark in the end, has not been happier. On the road back was we so fond that we had taken ourselves here, very hoarse of all singing. We had with ourselves hot dogs on a glass tin and ravioli on plate tin, the problems began here. Without tin opener so could we not open the ravioli, a stone become (tin opener) with conclusion that we had ravioli all over on clothing and tents with a lot of laughter. We were 16 and 17 years old at the time. Now we laugh at this when we talk about this. This is my most special memory with D-A-D and my friend Robert.