Grøn Koncert, Aalborg 2008 It was the 20th of July where I for the first time was attending a concert with D-A-D. The day started off very well with a few well playing “heat-up bands” because ofcourse D-A-D was going to close the concert! Some of the “heat-up bands” were Magtens Korridorer, Hej Matematik, Aqua (and a few more or less unknown bands ex. NIk & Jay). It was raining nearly all day but fortunately I had my green umbrella so I was nearly dry. An hour before D-A-D was going to take in the scene one of my friends went home because he became ill.Then I gave my umbrella to my friend because I knew that when D-A-D started it was going to be crazy and my other friends and I were going to enjoy D-A-D like we have never enjoyed anything before. But 15 minutes before D-A-D started it started raining again and I got wet. BUT then D-A-D took in the scene and I forgot how wet I really was. It was an amazing concert the best concert I have ever been to. Suddenly while they were playing one of their famous numbers Laust suddenly came floating over the audience while he kept on playing his drums. I have never seeen anything like that before and this concert will never be forgotten!