Provided by Peter Kling.

“In July 2015 me and my friends were going to an AC/DC concert here in my hometown Stockholm at the Friends Arena. My long time childhood friend and brother in arms when it comes to music and going to concerts Jocke had drove up during the day from the country side and we hang out at my place grabbing a few beers before going to the venue. Just before we left to go to the concert Jocke who was wearing an old Disneyland After Dark-shirt all day, for some reason decided to change his shirt to an AC/DC shirt. Friends Arena is quite large hosting above 50,000 spectators at concerts, and on this event we had really good seats very close to the stage. Sitting in our seats waiting for the show to begin, four people were looking for their seats on the row right in front of us. I looked up on the first guy from those four. Then I looked at my friend and he looked back on me. We both looked up on the guy again, and I was saying ’Isn’t that…’ and my friend interrupted my meaning and raised from his chair and said ’Yes it is…’. It was Jesper Binzer and three of his friends who had their seats right in front of us. My friend Jocke and I grew up together in a small town on the country side in Sweden listening a lot to D-A-D during the years starting with the No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims-album. Their music and lyrics have meant so much for us and whenever we get the chance to see the band live we go there. To summarize all your thankfulness and how you feel about an artist is hard when you finally get to meet them, but my friend Jocke kept it straight forward and simple and shock Jesper’s hand and just said ’Thanks for everything!’ to Jesper. Myself I was so excited to meet the singer of D-A-D so I wasn’t that sophisticated as my friend had been so when I shock hand with Jesper right after I didn’t come up with anything else than to shout out load in his ear ’For faen i helvede!’. That’s what you always can hear Jesper himself scream between the songs when D-A-D plays live. Still I wanted to say something more to Jesper to explain how much D-A-D has meant for us, so I said to him ’We have been listening to D-A-D for over 25 years.’ He looked back on me and smiled and replied in very cool Danish ’Ja det har jeg og.’. Meaning ’Yes, so have I.’. Overall Jesper was very relaxed and funny in his comments. We took a picture with him and did let he and his company be. But when my friend Jocke came back with some beers from the bar to our seats he offered one of them to Jesper and Jesper replied very happily back ’Du kan læse mine tanker!’ (’You can read my mind’). The AC/DC concert was great and when they played the bit more heavy song Sin City I was so glad and excited since I’ve never heard that one live before going to a lot of AC/DC shows. So I raised from my chair and shouted in Swedish ’This is a hell of a good song!’. Jesper then turned himself around from his seat and looked up on me and shouted back to me in Danish ’Ja. Det er en for jævla bra song.’”