I think everyone has a very special moment with d-a-d in it. But in my case it is Roskilde Festival 2005. I´ve been a fan of the band for many many years, but never had the chance to see them at Roskilde Festival. But in 2005 they were playing at the orange stage. Me my boyfriend and our friends stood in line at the stage for about 4 hours. And finally the time came where the guards would let us in. I managed to get a spot right at the fence, so the stage was literally 4 metres from me. WOW…i was in heaven..we still had about half an hours wait before the band would come on stage. Suddenly my boyfriend started to talk about how our relationship had been going through the last 3½ years. How much he loved me and that he had never had this kind of feelings before. And that was when it happened…he asked me to marry him..right there in front of the orange stage, 10 min before my all time favourite band came on stage. I was stunned…. he stood there looking at me with his big brown beautiful eyes,waiting for me to react. All of a sudden the conferencier came on and started presenting the band, and of course my boyfriend got very impatient, i came to my senses and of course i said yes. The concert was GREAT and lets just say d-a-d will allways have a special place in my heart.