My most magic D-A-D – related moment was actually at my first concert with you guys, at “Grøn koncert” 2008. I know that it isnʼt a really big thing for you guys, but for me, it was like the entire word had come to a standstill! I had eye contacts (mostly with Jacob and Laust) with you guys!!!! (ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHH) I know that you have heart this many times, but youʼre the BEST band I ever had known! And just to listen to my favourite band live, after so many months knowing you guys, was so fantastic! For me it was like, Laust and I were agreeing on, that I could have his drumstick! And when he was up at the “ufo” he throws the drumstick to me (I got it!). I know it sounds silly, but for me, it was even bigger than if god was standing just next to me! Damn, every entire song, gave me goose bumps (gåsehud)! So good are your songs! You’re so well to have contact with your audience! You guys sure donʼt remember me, but at Næstved, Grøn koncert I had a D-A-D towel, and was standing in the front of the stage :D! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC SO **** MUCH!<3 .. Anyway I would prefer to win tickets for Copenhagen 😀 - writtin by your biggest fan (thatʼs sure what everyone writes ) Galina, 13 year old (SOON 14 – its really important to know :D!!)