I persuaded my wife to attend the “Grøn Koncert” in Næstved with me this summer. We arrived late as we only came for D-A-D, even though we had to endure most of Aqua, in our quest to get to the front. When Aqua ended, most of the Aqua fans disappeared, and we got a place in front row, in front of Stiggen. It was a great koncert, but my most magic moment, was when my wife actually caught one of the drumsticks Laust Sonne threw to the audience and then gave it to me with a smile. Man…you got to love someone you been married to for 16 years, when she surprises you like this. The drumstick has a honorary place on my memorabilia shelf, it still tickles down my spine, thinking I was one of 6-8 people out of 27.000 that got a drumstick, and my wife caught it for me. Thanks to my wife and to D-A-D