My name is Colin Betts. I have been a fan of D-A-D since 1990 when I first saw the video for Sleeping My Day Away. Through friends and some good luck, I have been able to keep up with their music and song, even receiving some very special Christmas cards along the way. But it was not until a special show in Luxembourg on June 7, 2008 that I finally realized my dream of seeing the band live. From the opening of “Isn’t that Wild”, through the entire set, to after the show and meeting Stig, Jesper and Jacob. It was an amazing adventure in a terrific city. You see, I’m from Canada and happened to have made vacation plans to London, England that coincided with the concert date. So one airfare and a hotel room later, I’m living the dream. Yes, I was in fact the loony who gave the “loonie” (a gold-coloured Canadian dollar with a picture of a loon) to Stig after the show. The vacation was also a chance to see my dear friend, Peter, a native of Danmark and a fellow fan. I first met Peter in 1991, when he arrived in Canada as an exchange student. We spent a lot of time talking about our favourite band, and even gave our “bad breath’s kiss to our pillow pet” with an airband rendition at school. We tried to remain close since then. Peter unfortunately couldn’t join me for the concert. And as much as I would love love love to be at the screening of “True Believer”, it just isn’t going to happen. So I tell you this tale of chance and friendship, in the hopes of a pass to share with my friend, Peter, from the other side of the pond.