The date is October 30, 2005. D-A-D play Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center with the new Magtens korridorer as warm up. I will attend the concert with one of my friends. He dragged me there, despite me insisting on that it wouldn’t be anything for me. However he persuaded me. Half an hour before we would meet a big quarrel between me and my father broke out. I thought my father’s drug addiction had come to dominate too much, but he didnt’t think that a 14-year-old boy should interfere with that! I went away, slamming the door, and I don’t think I have ever been that angry before! I was mad and on my way to a concert I actually didn’t want to attend, but you don’t make your friends disappointed! We arrived to the concert and I was definitely not in the mood for such things. When D-A-D started playing Lawrence Of Suburbia I shut up and stopped whining, but I still couldn’t get it out of my mind! Then Jacob and Jesper were standing in the middle of the stage, with one guitar each, and they started playing “Laugh ‘n’ 1/2”. Jesper sang two words and then the audience took over. The two brothers were standing there playing, while the audience sang. Jesper had a big smile on his face and in that moment I forgot EVERYTHING! Everybody stood there singing and Jesper’s smile was so contagious that I just couldn’t keep on being angry. That day I became a big D-A-D fan, and I still am! Today I am 16 years old, and every time I have enough and I need a break, I listen to “Laugh ‘n’ 1/2”. When I hear it I remember so clearly the atmosphere and Jesper’s smile, and suddenly everything becomes a bit easier to handle. I’m convinced that I will never forget this memory!