Back in 2000, when they came out with EG, I was only 13 years old. Two years before my dad has surprised me at Christmas with a signed Psychopatico album, from the midnight release, which my parents had denied me to go to, cause I was too young. This time I convinced my dad, that he had to go with me, to GUF to the midnight release. But to stand at Nørrebro (think it was) at midnight, for a little kid was kind a weird, cause everywhere were grown ups with tattoos of Molly, the Helpyourselfish-Fish etc, and there I was I my ugly green jacket and my dad. You couldn’t help feeling very very small! BUT before we got in, a truck came by at midnight and stopped right in front of GUF, and there they were, D-A-D and they began playing Evil Twin and 2-3 other songs, until the cops stopped them for disturbing the neighbours. But Jesper just looked at the band and said: “one more Chorus”. Awesome! But as I was at the entrance I couldn’t see anything from the mass of people in front of us. My dad tried to lift me, but couldn’t hold me all by himself all the time, so suddenly, two guys who had been talking a bit to us, cause they thought I was kind a young to be there, offered to help my dad. One of them just grapped me and put me on his shoulders and from there I could see the band play the songs, while I was sitting on the shoulders of a total stranger, who I had only talked to very little, and now they almost seemed like friends asking me if I was okay while my dad just stood next to us, enjoying the show as well! And afterwards I met the band for the first time J That is a night I’ll never forget, with two very kind strangers, my DAD and D-A-D