Iʼve been a fan of D-A-D since I heard an interview with one of them in the radio in ʼ86 or ʻ87. It was in Danish radioʼs P4 and had a lot of ”Fly me to the moon”ʼs in it. At some point “Trucker” was played and I was sold. I recorded the song from the radio and began listening to it. It turned out that my sister already had been to a concert or two with D-A-D and when she heard that I played the song, she told me I shouldnʼt play it because it was her music (and I believe it still is – for her wedding she arranged that the first dance went directly into “Everything glows”…). Back then I used to study the covers while I listened to the albums. I liked the lyrics with those small artifacts here and there, and I loved the Iʼs and Yʼs so much I copied the style and I still write those letters that way nowadays. In 2001 I went to a tv series company soccer contest where I drank a lot of free beer and enjoyed the nice summer day. At some point I spotted Torleif at the other side of the soccer lane and I felt that it would be total inappropriate if I went over to him and declare myself a giant D-AD- fan, so I didnʼt. At the after party I decided around midnight that I have had enough beer for the day and it was time to go home. On my way out I passed Torleif and I couldnʼt stand the temptation and I excused myself for interrupting and told him I really recognized him as being the 5th band member and I wrote Iʼs and Yʼs the way I do because of those covers back then. Torleif actually listened to what I said and said “thanks I appreciate that” or something like that, and then I left, found my bike and headed towards home. Unfortunately I made a nasty crash on my bike and reached home a week later when I left the hospital 😛