My most magic moment with D-A-D, is my first live concert with them ever. I felt in love with their music this summer, so i’m one of the new in the crowd of D-A-D fans, but definitely already one of their biggest! 26 th. of July and the ‘Dirty Fairytale’ was about to start. I was standing all in front when the concert was about to start. The scene was dark, but suddenly a longhairy man came running on the scene, screaming: “What the hell is happening to you, Næsteveeeddd!?” It was JESPER! Very cool and with an energie who kicked the audience right in the face. Laust came running with his drumsticks in the air, Mr. Jacob came walking all relaxed and with an elegance who is a king worthy. And last but not least Stig, with golden hotpants! – If this is what it looks like when the world gonna ends, then it’s allrigth! I was one big smile when they start playing. I were standing rigth in front of Cobber, an as a giutarplayer myself, it was so magic to watch his magnificent way to play. Everytime he started playing a new solo I felt like flying to another planet. I have realized how difficult it is to learn to play the cool riffs and it really takes a lot of practice, but if I one day could become just half as good as him, then it’s all worth it. As the show goes by, we were standing like a bunch of soft dogs: D-A-D were the kings and all we could do was to hand ourselves over to this magic evening. They totaly blowed us away. I didn’t thougth that it could be more wild, when laust and his drums suddenly flew over the crowd. So unbelievable and so much bad craziness! Everybody was yelling ” Come on Laust, we know you’ve got it”. I’ll never forget the feeling of being a part of this concert. I’ve never felt so much energie at the same time, as i did at that concert. And i’m looking so much forward to Forum the 7 th. of March! D-A-D makes you feel so high on rock ‘n’ rool and they are a big part of my inspiration. Their songs are some of the best we’ve got in the rock world, and remember there’s always a D-A-D song to everything in life, whether you need a Laugh ‘n’ a ½ or A Kiss Between The Legs !