My most magic D-A-D moment My moment takes place in 2006 at Varde Open Air. I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting anyone from the band, but that changed. Before the concert I took a walk outside the venue areas. Here I spot Laust in the center of a big crowd sitting at a table at an outside restaurant. I turn my head but my feet keep on walking so I almost knock down a waiter in my attempt to convince my mind that it really is Laust I have just seen. I burst through his follow of people and ask for an autograph (well knowing that I have neither pen nor paper. I run in to the hotel and grasps the first the best waiter I can find and asks I can borrow a pen. Through some serious convincing I get her pen, now all I need is something to write on. The 50 kroner bill I have in my pocket has got to do the job. A small sacrifice for my first autograph. Just an hours before I only had a 500 kroners. I get the autograph, a picture with me and Laust and take of thinking that now my day canʼt possibly get any better. D-A-D played a great concert but they had not thrown a single thing out to the audience doing the entire concert. No picks, no drumsticks no nothing. So of cause at the end of the concert people start to reach towards the stage in a grapping motion in an attempt to get something. I think that if I am going to get anything out of this I need to deal with this in another way than the others in front. Instead I get eye contact with Cobber, smiles and make a motion like, come here and reach my arm forward with my open palm. Cobber walks over to me and places his pick right in my palm takes a new one and continues to play like nothing had happen. And just like that my day got so much better than I thought possible. (D-A-Ddy, Aalborg)