My most magic D-A-D related moment was the time when D-A-D played at a local hawker’s market?! I’m originally from the countryside, but moved to Copenhagen three years ago. Last year in the late summertime I had to go home to the countryside to visit some friends for a long weekend. I arrived at Thursday afternoon and the weather was great! In the evening my friends wanted to go to a local hawker’s market which usually is a bit of a drag. Sure, there is a lot of local young single farmers and cheap beer but it’s nothing special. Since it’s a very small community you always meet a lot of people that you know, so I gave it a chance. Anyway we went to the market and we got seated in the largest beer-tent and had a few beers. As time went by, more and more familiar people entered the tent and suddenly a speaker said:” LET’S WELCOME D-A-D!” I could hardly believe it! Here I was, bored out of my mind in the middle of nowhere and then my favourite band of all times came to my rescue!! Free concert and free beer from the lovely young farmers!! Do I need to tell you how happy I was that summer night in the countryside?