My biggest D-A-D moment needs a little explanation. A few years ago, D-A-D came to Arenaen in Århus DK to give concert. The concert was the one where D-A-D the same evening received an Honour achievement in Copenhagen. Well, I was working in Arenaen, serving beer for the audience durring the concert. The only downside to the job, was the beer stand was OUTSIDE the concert hall. That was not a perfect arrangement for a big D-A-D fan! So how to deal with this problem. I mangaged to convince my colleague in the beer stand, that I could see that concert but come back everytime there where customers. No problem, I could do that. It was a deal! The hall had doors on both sides, so I only had to concentrate on the one side where the beer stand was located. But still, god dame people were thirsty that evening. As a result I was running back a forward from the concert and the beer stand like a crazy man every time I spotted people moving away from the concert. Believe me when I say, there were a LOT of people. A couple of times I got blinded by the show and the music from the stage so that I got forgot I was worrking, whick resulted in a long line at the beer stand when I returned and a very angry colleague. Luckilly he eventually forgave me though. I’m sure it was a special concert for the boys, and it was very special for me as well. I heard great music, got in better shape running back and forward and I got paied doing it! What a great combination of job, hobby and getting fit.