Monster Philosophy

I tell myself what I already told me
Told myself 'bout a dozen times
See it's like I'm in someone Who hates me
I'm looking out through His eyes
Tell you what I got no legs to stand on
I keep screaming at the messenger
I know thinking got me into this mess now
But can it get me out of here...

I threw myself out a 1000 times
To seperate body from mind
But you know I didn't give a damn
I'm gonna be just who I am

Standing on the curb I'm a one man party
I think it's over but I know it's not
Screaming all the things I don't wanna know about me
Like I recieved a postcard from god
Some need a wild and mythic idol
To represent their boring lives
All I got is this indigenous cycle
It's all me, myself and I

Even the most terrible battles
You leave some places untouched
If my whole world is upside down
I'll come around – I must...

I need a time machine mr. Wells
I'm on top of the world
But it should have been someone else
It feels like I died in an accident
Without time to be afraid or to suffer
My soul just left

I can't even tell you what I've seen
I can't even tell you where I've been

Waking up from living your dreams
When everything is as it seems
But you're paying it no mind
Let me tell you right away,
First they come,
Then they stay,
Never slip away…

My house is empty I don't care
My world sits on nothing it just hangs in the air
And when the only light is the sun
It's a desperate day and I wonder what I've become

With things to remember to forget
Don't even know whats left to save

Lived by the rules
And going insane
All my ghosts turned into real men
Art was dead
And I'd been a saint
Until last night it happened again
Back to the time
When the beast barked

Yeah there's a difference
The eye can barely see
You can be so charming
When you want something from me
The way that my dream's kicked around
The sky is so blue, but it's red all over the ground
Still it's a difference
But I see…

They call you famous
But people think you're insane
You're really just faceless
It's only a role you play

A lot of confusion
In what to believe
Is it a sin or a weakness
When nothing new appeals
Still when you ask how I feel
I need to send out a message
I'm ready to kill
The eye can barely see
But I see…

I have lived too long
In a different world
How do spacemen land
Without getting hurt
And all we ever wanted
Was put into silent stone
It's too deep for me
To cross alone…

You and me together
Set sails in perfect weather
The ship was hip
No giant wave could bring us down
And if you wanna be loved
You live and learn
Gotta be quick to love in return

Because there'll be trouble too
And one of them is you...

We're so beautyful together
But only one of us is in love
Nothing that you treasure,
Is gonna last 4ever
If only one of us is in love...

And weren't we the revolution
That almost happened
Around confusion
Weren't we there
Before time and work
Destroyed our youth
Now we trumpet our intensions
It feels like limitations

I don't mind being wrong
But this time I know I'm dead on...

Do you wanna know
Do you wanna know a secret dream
Do you wanna know a common
Secret dream
That you could pass the shame,
The blame and just yell
That it's you, yourself
And noone else
Because all the trouble you see
Most of the trouble's in meee..!

We're so beautiful together
But only one of us in love
Nothing that you treasure
Is gonna last forever
When only one of us - only one of us
Yeah, only one of us is in love...

Is a bit of you
And a lot of me

When rule number one
Is how I feel

A warm embrace
With instincts set
On human prey

I've overdosed on peace
What I wanna hear
Is honesty

Underneath the rules of liberty
You've got a monster philosophy

A fountain of life
The ticking bomb
Of a reptile mind

A mutual trust
A face on fire
With brutal lust

The allknowing heart
I'd rather be lucky
Than wise and smart

A mystery
The monster is barking
Up the wrong tree

Drenched my car in gasoline
And I went racing down the street
I got lights, police and sirens
To take me from
This life and into the next

Into the Land of milk and honey
Noone here will listen
The keys in the ignition
Land of milk and honey
To you it's just rocks and stones
But I used to call this home
(Would you know where to go
If everything you know has gone away…)

I'll never keep my memories
Yeah, no matter how hard I try
They will forever just stay here
The whispering
Of a life so far away…

We're like two generals - tired of battling
We want to send our armies home
And all this time you've been my friend and saviour
So don't you think that I should know
You hide yourself to survive

You won't change and I won't change
The fire of love went up in flames
We both have eyes we both can see
There's no win in victory
You're coming through the open door
Against the rule , against the law

You brought the past to me - a trace of memories
The boy was happy , but the man is sad
We always hoped we'd stay alive and stupid
Never to be a "know it all" dead
That hides away to survive…

You won't change and I won't change
The fire of love went up in flames
We both have eyes – and both can see
That there's no win in victory
No hang-ups no signs of blows
You gave me directions now I don't know
You're coming through the open door
Against the rule against the law

Use your life or someone else will
If you don't care you can't see it until
You see the point and maybe the truth
For the alone and the misunderstood
Don't you lose it all in the gap
That seperates the awake from the sad
The bad love from the romantic ideas
From what matters and what you really fear

She said:
If you had a head
And you used your mind
You could have me anytime
If you had a brain
As big as your pain
You could have me back again
If you had your ears
Attached to your heart
You could have me anyhow
If you had a head
And you had an open mind
You could have me anytime

You've got skills you can make it look good
And unbroken from the root to the fruit
Afraid to speak, if you're breaking the spell
The dream fades - if it's going too well
And it dries up, and you live to tell…

Or you could walk the streets
In the cold cold wind
Wearing a jacket
Mosquitonet thin
Or you could open up
Out of the blue
Let someone new know
Everything about you

They can hear me
Hear me when I think
Everytime I breathe
I know they see me
In the rain that falls
And evens out the sand
Yeah, the sound is almost human
A spirit that walks
Sleeps and talks
No explanation
For your fantasy
I'm one of those
And Im not afraid
I desert each time I reach humanity
I am the river slowly to the sea
I am the river when I get to the sea
There'll be no more of me
I am the river slowly to the sea
I am the river and the river is me

And the sky
I knew before we met
You climbed the ladder
With the rotten steps
Take a mirror

Yeah, I can suddenly
Flower and sting
To pick a fight
I've let myself in
I whistle a funny note
Cut another throat
Hum a tune
Crack a skull - crack a joke

It's my lie
It's my legend
It's my cure
It's my medicine
It's my run
It's my promise
It's my light
It's my justice
It's my chainsaw
Division is mine
You'll see my chainsaw coming
I'm drawing the line
It's my chainsaw
Come see how it shines
I'm gonna cut out a living
I'm gonna cut out your kind

Oh, forgive me
A moment of pride
A trap by a demon
I'm not that type
My tears will change it
Don't even mention it
I'll glue it back together
See everything fits!

It's my tree
It's my prison
It's my lip
It's my reason
My candle
And my rain
It's my pain…

Eternal evil
Yeah it stares behind the desk
A shark dressed up in money
Zombie secretary head
I wasn't looking for control
Or for a hand to hold
I got arrested on the way
I went for the police
But they were all over town
For the fireengines
But they were all upside down

It's not because Im dirty
Not because Im clean
Read all about me in the magazines

Innoncent in jail
Guilty on the street
Notify the the people of my needs
Why should they care
With bitter eyes
They've already paid the price
Money always takes the place of life

Yeah, do you see the running crowds
And do they serve an unknown end
If you live a certain place
Do you hurt a certain way?

It's a cemetery city
With a pace so boring slow
Looks like faded, crumbled secondhand clothes

The flies are buzzing
Feel a storm is coming on
On the T.V a teenage landlord
Hides his face and goes to court
It's the mouthpiece of a nation
With unhealthy gums
It's hard to keep your head above the ground

I begin again
Wipe the tears off my hands
And I smile like a doomed man
I trained head and my heart
But not my eyes - it's too dark
There's a hole where hope used to be
Yeah hurt me 'till I cry
Kill me - I'll never ask why
Turn reality into a lie
A high romantic idea
Of doomed love
You win - I'm gone

It's better to have a red face once
Than forever yellow
'bout what's undone
Left with burned out eyes
And bigger lies

There's a crack and the light is new
You're taking away that too
A crack and the light is new...

Like a questionmark
On a bench in a park
The dream is broken
A heart is knocked out
Everything's turned bad
Wanna call and take it all back
The door to the future
Where is it at...
Moving silent and slow
And peacefully grow
Try to smile like I'm happy and proud
You've got your coat on
You're leaving
Light is gone
So long....

I wear this ugly crown
A cape of fear and dread
And when I stop and look around
I see people turn their heads
Am I the one who gives am I the one who takes
My senses are complete
I'm walking down a lonesome road
As though I'm meant to lead

If I succeed…
I'll be the one exception
If I succeed
I'll shine in all directions
Yeah, I'll be Gods own
Little drumroll
I can do this as I please
If I succeed it seems to me
That we should tell it to people like me

You never turn your back on me
Like Im a stranger you can trust
Until the pieces fall in place
You always want me to go first..

You see the whole world is, a snapping animal
Won't see it's teeth a 2nd time
I always want to wait
I alway want to turn around

We only need 2 hours of sleep
Still we're lightyears beyond beeing stupid
We try to forget everything but each other
A world full of tales and noone who talks
A world full of distance and noone that walks
Show how you dance
Show us your hands
House of fun
And all that we're waiting for
And that life will take care of itself
Because the greatest of crimes
Is stopping the flow
Just to be born and turn into something
Count yourself lucky with a sense of proportion
The voice of god is just the distortion
What we did last night don't matter today
Just like the snow it's melting away
Life will go on
After we're gone
House of fun
And all that we're waiting for
And that life will take care of itself
Because the greatest of crimes
Is stopping the flow
House of fun
We look like a million
House of fun
But it feels like were falling apart
Because the greatest of crimes
Is stopping the flow