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(17:46:06) Azda:

Nina Marie - the tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00, which means there's not much time left of the special offer

(17:50:48) Azda:

anyway I can see you signed up for less than 24 hours ago - the email was sent to all who were Net Pets on Tuesday the 8th at 10:00 Smiley

(10:27:06) Azda:

tickets for the two arena shows in March: https://www.ticketmaster.dk/artist/d-a-d-billetter/136193

(10:27:06) Molly:


(15:08:30) Azda:

Oulu tonight! Smiley-laugh

(21:23:15) Martin Thomsen (guest):

Hej DAD. Jeg har lige købt billetter til arenakoncert i Herning. Det bliver stort.

(21:23:56) Martin Thomsen (guest):

Spil gerne noget fra Helpyourselfish

(21:25:23) Martin Thomsen (guest):

Jeg og mange andre vil gerne være med på den vogn. I var min første koncert i Herning

(21:26:22) Martin Thomsen (guest):

...Det var da Helpyourselfish var en helt ny plade

(21:26:53) Martin Thomsen (guest):

Så giv den gas i Herning.

(21:27:30) Martin Thomsen (guest):

Tak skal i have

(07:09:44) Azda:

hej Martin Thomsen - vi ses i Herning Smiley

(15:31:47) Azda:

just received a few shots from Oulu: https://d-a-d.dk/photos/club-teatria-oulu-2019

(15:31:47) Molly:


(15:32:03) Azda:

thanks Petri! Smiley

(20:34:42) Azda:

and thanks to Anne - she also contributed to the gallery from Tampere: https://d-a-d.dk/photos/pakkahuone-tampere-2019

(20:34:42) Molly:


(15:59:14) monicakollstad:

Hello!Anyone who have 2 tickets for sale DAD 20.oct Oslo?? Please!!

(15:59:14) Molly:

Talking to me? Hello, mooh!

(22:55:44) Azda:

monicakollstad - I'm afraid I don't have any...