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Posted: Thu, 2008-10-09 23:15

What did you think of the movie?

Post links to reviews in papers ect.

Write it all here.

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Posted: Fri, 2008-10-10 07:46

A pretty long review-clip from the danish newspaper politiken:


and 3 stars from the danish moviesite Filmz.dk:


and another movieclip, including an Torleif Interview:


And 3 stars yet again:


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Posted: Fri, 2008-10-10 09:06

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Posted: Fri, 2008-10-10 11:34

hmm hey all write the same:

that people who doesent know anything about D-A-D wont get anything from watching the movie.

And that the production is messy.

And the one I fear the most (havent seen it myself yet): that you dont get explanations to anything regarding things like Peter's leaving and Sonne's need for a a break.

I hope that I as a fan will get more out of this movie than these reporters.. im almost shure that I will Smiley

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Posted: Fri, 2008-10-10 21:46

I just watched True Believer in Aalborg and I think it is really great! Yeah!

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Posted: Fri, 2008-10-10 22:37

Same here. Was at the 18.45 show. You must have been so too then.

There are so many good laughs but it could well have been 20 min. longer As Only Rock has said in one of the other forums I would have liked an ending to the "fight" between Stig and Laust. Ofcause we know it must have turned out well, but still.

Great great movie really enjoyed it and it is deff. not the last time I'm going to see it Smiley


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Posted: Sat, 2008-10-11 01:57

What a great movie.
I laughed a hole lot.

Nice ending credits with Cobbers solo from sleeping my day away.

This movie is mostly interesting to the fans so I kindda understand the 3stars review.

But still great movie

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Posted: Sat, 2008-10-11 02:57

I think the movie was fun, interesting and some pice of work Thorleif! I'd was disappointed because there wasn't many true belivers in odense where are you? I'd think the movie is word to watch.

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Posted: Sat, 2008-10-11 04:02

I think the movie was great! Especially for fans. I would give it 4/6. Stigge was the star of the show and Jesper right behind him Smiley-midget

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Posted: Sat, 2008-10-11 07:02

did they ever play at the mekanic??

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Posted: Sat, 2008-10-11 11:00

I can relate to the reviews a lot. This is a fan movie, and not a movie to the big danish population.

IF D-A-D should make a movie about them selves, you should get a guy who doesn't know everything about the band, but only the more common things, so he could dig deeper.

I would love to have heard a lot more about Peter's leaving, and the reason, especially the part where Torleif says; I knew that there had been problems quite some time at that point.

WELL damn, dig down, tell us some of the reason, was it personal problems, or did the guys just grow apart??

Adn the discussion with Laust every paper has mentioned.. Doesn't seem like Stig and Jesper always are the easiest persons to work with, would have love to have seen the ending at that point. Smiley-midget Every band has different personalities, and THAT clip did show a lot of their personality.. Jesper and Stig as the more hardcore, and Laust as the soft dog, and Cobber as the more in the middle guy who just knows jesper and stig good enough to know, that they'll be good again...

Something like that.

But as a fan movie 4/6 from me.

For other people, I understand some of the reviews.

It's a feel good fan movie

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Posted: Sat, 2008-10-11 13:44

I just loved the movie.
It is charming, funny and interresting.

Think that Torleif did a great job with the changes from the early years and to now. It worked great!

And I find the movie very outspoken, considering that all 4 of them normaly is pretty private.

But off course I - like the critics -would like to know more....

What happent to Stigs sister, and what kind of personal crises did Laust have?

But if they don't wan't to give us more details, we must respect that.

As a fan it is difficult to be objective, but I think it must be a entertaining movie for everybody.

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Posted: Sat, 2008-10-11 15:38

Well, I have something to say as well about the movie. Quite a lot, actually, but I'll try to keep it short Smiley-wink

I've seen the film and read some reviews, which I don't agree with. I think a lot of the reviewers have misunderstood the film, and it's pretty obvious they didn't spend any time finding out, what they were going to watch. A lot of them don't seem to get the fact that it is Torleif's portrait of the band. It's about his friends and people he has known the majority of his life.
The reviewers expected a revealing film about complaints and fights. But complaints and fights do not carry a band through 25 years of ups and downs. Joy and stubborness do, and this is exactly how Torleif has portraied it in his film! It's about people, who don't piss and moan all through life. If he had chosen to portray them through complaints and agony, it would have been a boring and untrue movie about DAD.

It is a joyful and wonderful movie, and the reviewers who didn't get that point, should go back to the Journalist School and ask to see movies like "Buena Vista Social Club" and "Last Waltz" from Scorsese. Good music films don't have to be full of complaints and pain to come close to the band. There must be a reason why a band keeps on going for 25 years!! And the reason sure isn't pissing and moaning.

So the film is a wonderful DAD-film, and it is portrayed through Torleif's eyes for the past 25 years! Can we come ANY closer, than seeing the band through his eyes?!? He is the closest one to them! The film is warm and honest, and he has given that on in the movie, for us to watch! I really think that sort of work deserves some respect and appreciation.

I was enjoyed all 90 minutes. I laughed, almost cried and was caught by it!

So there. That was my review.

PS. 10 points to whoever reads the whole post down to here Smiley-wink

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Posted: Sat, 2008-10-11 17:33

I do not like the movie I give it two stars. So sad that it is so superficial. A fan do not “get” anything out of the movie and nether do a person who doesn’t knows the band. I was soooo excited about the movie, but I must say I’m disappointed. :/ Just my point of view.

But great to see the band, and the good spirit with the hardcore D-A-D grew. Thanks VB for driving (:

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Posted: Sat, 2008-10-11 19:58

No problem Tulle - allthough my car smells like a pub today. (and it is a P - VP) Smiley-midget-laugh

I wasn't so dissapointed - actually I was quite amused and well entertained. I was the only in the car with that opinion on our way home to Esbjerg fra Cph.
I will have to agree with Majken on her point of view (thanks for the 10 points, can they be traded to a beer next time I drop by???)
I didn't expect the guys to reveal alot of b**shit and internal problems in this film. Thorleif is a friend of the band - and really - Did you expect him to:
a) keep the camera rolling, when things got really nasty - if they ever does? - would you let your friends film you, when you are in misery?
b) make a film showing the band having trouble being together? That would be something pretty opposite from the "picture" I've got over the last 13 years.

I liked it - And I would like to see it again!

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Posted: Sat, 2008-10-11 22:56

yes, thanks for the 10 points Smiley-wink

I liked the movie, and can't wait to see the guys again on DVD, not to forget Stigge Smiley-wink

And of course to the concerts next year Smiley

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Posted: Sun, 2008-10-12 10:27

Not that my opinion matters, but...here it is:
The two start is well deserved. I dont think I can give it any more either.

Its clearly made by a very good friend of the band and despite being there with his cam all the time, left out a lot of good stuff. And thats kinda sad.
I know he wants to shows us his dear friends in a good light, but I dont think we (or anyone) will think less of DAD if we had been shows some of the inner turmoil that every relationship (and a band with 25years under the belt) will go through.

There is the obvious questions that wasnt dealt with, the ones listed in here, and in "pro-reviews".

Its not just as OUT THERE on the edge as i had hoped. It gives a nice/clean/too friendly look at the band.

Its a shame we dont get to see/find out what went on before, under and after some of these Qs that were asked. Cauz we all know that SOMETHING always comes out of a good discussion, and the band is still here Smiley-laugh

What I really think got shows is how much Jesper and Stig loves this band. As if they didnt know what else to do... They, and Jacob have been here since the start and have ate bricks to be here, while I had the feeling thats it was more of a job to Sonne... Maybe because hw is SO damn talented and have multible bands?

Much respect to the band and TrueLeif Smiley-laugh for making this... Hope to see more in years to come... there must be some pretty cool clips on the floor of the cutting room Smiley-wink

As a documentary:
As a "To my dear friends" movie:

But clearly I will have to get this on DVD when it comes out.

Ohh yeah. We saw it at Empire, but when asked about the film, the ticket dude said "Is it still running?".

Great to go with good friends on the road... Ølhund, how did that beer taste on the way out again? Smiley-laugh Smiley-laugh Sorry, just coudnt resist...
And yeah, thanx VB for driving Smiley-wink
And to Tulle and Nanna! Cheers!

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Posted: Sun, 2008-10-12 17:06

I saw it last night in Odense and I like it..
I don't know if I've learned anything new about the band, like why Peter left, but I don't really feel like I want to know either.
It's not my business, I guess.

The old material was really fun to watch and also seing Torleif, since I've never really seen much of him ^-^

+ It was personal, but it was about the important stuff: The music and the band, and not about their private lifes, so I think it deserves a few more stars than the reviewers have given it..

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Posted: Mon, 2008-10-13 00:29

I brough my GF along, she not a hard-core fan and doesn't know their entire history, but as she pointed it: It wasn't hard for me to follow/understand (in relation to the many critical reviews).
I was amused, but as mentioned by others, not that much new was told. We agreed that some issues are better left out of the film, if their not properly explained.
But again, it was shown in 4 cinemas which for me indicates it's prob. not a movie the common dane will go see.. so I don't see the big fuzz

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Posted: Mon, 2008-10-13 00:56

I enjoyed the movie very much!
It was quite amusing!! And I think it was interesting to see that they have problems, I would have liked to see just a little bit more of their problems, but on the other hand I think it's good that "TrueLeif" didn't show more of it, and just pointed out that they do have problems and disagreements!

And then it's just lovely to see Stigs problems with his car, and Cobber talking about him being the responsible one xD

Very enjoyable!

D'you think there is going to be alot of extramaterial on the DVD??

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Anonymous (not verified)

Posted: Tue, 2008-10-14 00:34

When I read the reviews from the newspapers ect.. then I almost get grey hair.. Man, I SO want to kick their butts with those comments they make..!! It's all so negative, when I so disagree with a lot of what they say..

I still think that True Believer is a masterpiece from Torleif Hoppe. It doesn't bother me, that we don't get an answer to the Lausts situation, because why should we??
It's really none of our business.. We can leave the question to our imagination and question ourselves "why" and remain the curiosity.
I guess that the reviewers from the newspapers thought that they were going to see D-A-D throw mud at each other, but c'mon this is not a reality show!! I would be pretty upset if I had to watch my favourite band threw mud and arguing with each other in several minutes of the movie.. Something like this belongs in Paradise Hotel or any other reality show..
But D-A-D are not like that and we as fans should already have known this!
I guess that most of us don't want to see D-A-D mumbling about how hard life is during a big part of the movie, when they're very succesful..

Besides when you watch a movie then you don't always find the questions to a lot of things.. You might wonder "who was the murder?" ect.. and then you can think about that for a long time.. I guess that's the same thing about True Believer..
And regarding Peters leaving, then we also get a lot of answers as we find out that Stig doesn't like talking about Peter, which Jesper gives a very good explaination on why he doesn't.
Peter also shows very obvious that he couldn't see himself as a rockstar anymore, he also explains that (as far as I remember) and we fans do know that when he left the band he asked himself "Could I picture myself as a drummer in the band in 10-25 more years or is it time for me to get an education" We all know that he decided to do the last thing.
But Peter did show up at the premiere of True Believer in Skuespilhuset, which shows that he somehow still does care about the band and so on..
I was really happy to see him there and I didn't see if he spoke with Jesper, Stig, Laust, Cobber and Torleif, but at least HE was there Smiley-wink

You don't have to be a fan of D-A-D to understand the movie. My friend isn't a D-A-D fan, though she likes their music. She did understand most of the movie and she was pretty much entertained..

Torleif made True believer as a warm movie which make him realize why a band like D-A-D keeps it going and going and doesn't stop.
It's so great and he did it very well Smiley-laugh

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Anonymous (not verified)

Posted: Tue, 2008-10-14 01:37

Forgot to mention that Torleif indeed shows that being in a rockband or D-A-D isn't always "gul og grønne skove" (very good).. Jesper, Stig, Laust and Cobber does have their issues of problems, just like you and I..
They may be rockstars, have a lot more money than you and I, but they are real humans just like the rest of us..
No matter WHAT problem they may deal with, they might discuss it with each other (depends on the problem), deals with it and moves on...And they love their job 100 % & SOOOOOO DAMN MUCH, it shows, it really shows!
THAT'S how a rockband keeps everything going on for 25 years + many years to come Smiley-laugh

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Posted: Tue, 2008-10-14 23:19

I have been thinking alot about how to say my actual opnion about the movie... Because I really wanted this to be a good movie, but frankly it's everything I hoped it wouldn't be... Smiley-sad

So all i can do, is to quote the danish actor Troels Lybye in the movie "De unge år" (The young years), a movie about Lars von Trier, and Troels Lybye's character being a teacher at the Danish Filmschool:

"You can't make movies without rules!"

The movie doesn't contain the few simple rules that makes up a good movie. Point-of-no-return etc.
Because there is no ups-and-downs in the story, the whole movie becomes booring, because you have no idea where or when it's gonna end...

AND as any other documentarist would agree with me in. You can't make a movie with only four people, and then interview them all, having them in the same side of the picture. In all interview-situations, the interviewed people have to change side. It just works that way.
Now since they are all filmed being in the same side of the screen, you can't cut between the band-members directly... As for instance in the danish documentary "Gasolin"... In the end of that movie, you see the four members of Gasolin telling why the band shouldn't keep on going, and it's cut like they are argueing, it's perfect... Would have been great to that between Stig and Peter, which probably could have been done easily...

Well now, see, I couldn't help myself, I'm sorry...

Go here to see an okay review with longer clips from the movie, than included in my previous posted links:


This review also comes with the funny point, that there is absolutely no women in this movie, like the band-member never even touched a groupie in the last 25 years... Smiley-laugh

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Posted: Wed, 2008-10-15 08:49

If I was to rate it, I would probably give the movie 2/6.

Okay, where to start?
First of all I think the clips in the movie are way too messy. First we are in the mid 80's, then we jump to present time, then going back to the 80's and then to the late 90's and so on and so on. This is where the story really fell to the ground. I would have liked far more chronology in this movie, because it was quite confusing and the story wasn't told properbly I think. It could have started with, why they formed the band and then covering the ups and downs up untill today which have had a significant impact on why they stick together and this in combination with personal interviews to hear each band members answer to the question: "Why do you still stick together?"
Besides this there were loads of clips which had nothing to do with the story at all and that was a really big shame. Eg:
Where Stig has a flat tire
Where Jesper is helping his son having a leak
A bit too many clips from concerts
... and there were also other clips which simply didn't make any sence in realation with the story which was intended to be told.

But there were moments where you get closer to the band than usual and you actually get to see arguments between the band members, here I'm thinking about the argument in their rehersal room. It shows a very honest band, and here I have to disagree with the reviewers. It doesn't matter what the argument was about (Us fans know...) or what had happened with Laust or how it ended - the point is just to show a disagreement within the band, and still they keep going - so that clip was allright.
But to sum it up, I don't think non-fans would get a feeling of knowing this band better than before and same goes with us fans. When Torleif has over 500 hours of video there must have been some better clips to tell this story.
My final comment would be that it´s a shame that this movie has been made, but it's actually a bad movie!

I don't like the movie, don't hate me!


Apparently there are some great footage from the Forum gig back in 2000. It would be great if it was released on DVD!

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Posted: Wed, 2008-10-15 10:29

I totally share your opinion Klaus / Marlboroman Smiley

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Posted: Wed, 2008-10-15 19:19

Noone is going to hate you just because you say your true opinion, especially not when you are pointing it out, that good. I think it's totally fair, that not everyone has the same opinion about the film..

And Marlboroman, I can follow you on a lot of your statements!

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Posted: Thu, 2008-10-16 03:40

I think it was kind of a fresh touch to rock documenteries. We have seen too many movies about "the suffering artist". Its allmost like we can't understand how they can still be happy, when they got success. that's bull.

Im sick of movies about a band arguing. I hated "rocket brothers" for instance. I didn't feel any joy about playing music in, that movie.

In true believer, although there was a down period they were still able to focus on the joy and the goals and ambitions of d-a-d

i might agree a little about the structure, but that can be diffucult i think with 500 hours of film from the past 20 years.

I don't agree with the point that some of the clips don't have anything to do with the movie. For instance the clip with jesper helping his son take a leak. It's so funny. Besides from the size of the two of them you can really tell who's the most boyish. Underlines the point of the whole playfulness of d-a-d and the point that jesper talks about, when he talks about his daugther, that it is hard to be a kid when you got two kids as parents.

True Believer is about the joy of playing rock music. True Believer is about the solution not the problem.

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Posted: Thu, 2008-10-16 18:50

Jonathan: that last quote it really hits the spot!

but still, it's very important to follow the rules of storymaking that Marlboro is mentioning.

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Posted: Tue, 2008-10-21 17:38

Lådde: ...And i agree with that. But the points i mentioned is why i think it was a really great movie.

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Posted: Tue, 2008-10-21 19:45

Though I am a very big D-A-D fan I dont think this is a very good movie. It had some funny moments yes, and to see some clips about this wonderfuil band is always nice, but I didnt get that much new information by watching this movie, as I had expected. The only thing, I found very interesting was Lausts need for a break. I bet it had something to do about his other projects. I think it is kind of weak, that they didnt tell why or showed any more...

/ Alexander

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Anonymous (not verified)

Posted: Tue, 2008-10-21 20:07


Read this thread to get some of your answers (if you haven't already done it).. Torleif replied to this thread.. Smiley-laugh

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Posted: Tue, 2008-10-21 22:16

I must say it was a warm and funny movie about our beloved band. The movie was very different fror what i thought it would be, but again i need to see it again. One of the best thing was "The best thing was the rather live than die video" that scene really gave a good picture of what d.a.d also is good at, humor! And Stig you truly deserve a oscar! Smiley-laugh

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Posted: Thu, 2008-10-23 00:29

I saw the movie again with a friend, who doesn't really know anything about DAD (he claims to own Helpyourselfish, but I seriously have my doubts :-)). He liked it very much - and he laughed a lot during the movie.

He said, that it was amazing how likeable the band is, even when you don't know anything about them! He was especially quite fond of Stig - "It's amazing how expressive that man is without cursing" he said Smiley

And as for me - I think the film was even better this time. So watching it twice is recomendable.