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Posted: Tue, 2009-12-22 19:12

Thanks guys!!

Merry Christmas to all Smiley

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Posted: Tue, 2009-12-22 19:13

Hiphiphooray! Finally got it! Thank you so much!
Hyvää Joulua/Merry X-mas!

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Posted: Tue, 2009-12-22 19:28

Huh Huh, mine arrived today, too - mange tak & merry X-Mas!!!

By the way: I *really* enjoy receiving a real postcard again after this nice good-clean-family-service somehow got replaced by online-gadgets. Please go on with it!

Coughing regards,
Capt. Spacehead


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Posted: Tue, 2009-12-22 19:38

wau!! i got mine too, here in finland is one happy true believer, who dancing around a x-mas tree with his card..happy x-mas to you all

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Posted: Tue, 2009-12-22 20:38

Thanks. I love it.


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Posted: Tue, 2009-12-22 21:08

does anyone recall what we got in 2002? It's not shown in the archive, and my memory is failing me..


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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-23 01:21

in 2002 we got a video of the boys, dressed in the clothes from the Soft Dogs poster.. saying merry christmas, and then cobber begins to sing and truelife yells 'cut!' hehe


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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-23 09:12

I registered on this forum after their latest Finland's concert, earlier I didn't follow band forums, but simply forget to write! Thank you guys for a card, now I remember that place (I got mine yesterdayand love it).

I love Christmas and D-A-D but there's no Sad Sad X-mas! ;)


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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-23 10:13

Post card arrived today,Thanks a lot boys and happy x-mas too for everybody!!

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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-23 10:15

I have to join the choir and say: I got my card yesterday!! THANK YOU very many! Smiley-midget
I like also the design: band in a image that looks like a fan. We are all fans... or ??

Mange tak and hope to see you again next year! Keep on playing the banjos (like the old woman said after your concert) ;)!

Happy Christmas & God Jul!


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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-23 10:54

I also my DAD X-mas card yesterday, here in frozen Eastern France! We feel like we're in Scandinavia!
Thanx DAD!



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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-23 12:12

Thanx D-A-D ,all the best to you and also to all Fans outthere in the world.Hope to see you in 2010 !


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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-23 13:01

Jippie! Got mine today:)
Thank you guys for the great christmas card Smiley-midget-laugh
Im looking forward to see you 2010.


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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-23 19:21

I also got mine today, thank you sooooo much <3

God Jul og Godt Nytår !


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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-23 19:58

Good lord, THANK YOU my dearest favourite band!!! Thank you for being so special, everything is glowing for me today.
Merry Christmas to you guys too, go and have a wonderful year now!


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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-23 20:16

Thnx for the card and Merry X-mas!


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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-23 20:45

I received my Christmas Card today, thank you very much for this.
I also wish you a mary x-mas and a happy new year from France.

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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-24 00:19

yay I also recieved mine a couple of days ago. Thank you D-A-D for taking the time to "write" your fans a christmascard Smiley


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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-24 11:45

Thank you sooo much, I love it.
And it was the first stristmas-card this year and the absolutely nicest one, I´m so happy about it.
A merry christmas to all of you!

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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-24 15:03

Thank you for the Christmas Card it was a great suprise.
Hope to see you back on tour next year.
Merry Chrstmas !


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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-24 17:34

Kiitos for the XXXmas-card! Merry xmas to band and all you neatpets all over the globe.

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Posted: Fri, 2009-12-25 10:40

Dear D-A-D, got my card from you on x-mas eve all the way in the U.S.! thank you very much for such a beautiful gift and for thinking of your fans! I love it very much and will frame mine Smiley-wink it was such a pleasure to chat with you also! you've made my christmas very happy Smiley hope your's is as well and to everyone here at d-a-d land I wish a merry christmas!


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Posted: Sat, 2009-12-26 09:15

Our Posties have been on strike in Australia..... still waiting.....weather here is stinking hot....but the beer is cold...aahhh


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Posted: Sat, 2009-12-26 09:27

Greece is still waiting...Merry Christmas everyone Smiley-midget


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Posted: Sat, 2009-12-26 09:30

Thanks guy, and a "late" merry christmas to you too...
yep, we got our card in Belgium...

just me,p

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Posted: Sat, 2009-12-26 15:53

Guess what .....

GOT MY X-MAS POSTCARD !!!! And before Easter !!Incredible Smiley-midget

I have to say that i'm a bit disappointed here ...I was expecting to see the band wearing Santa Claus costumes ....and ..no .. a traditionnal X-Mas postcard ....
well ...thank you guys ...

And if someome here have believed a single word of what i wrote ...i did a great job ;)

Merry Christmas to all of you guys and thank you very much for the postcard Smiley-midget

*checking if boy-friend is not around no he is not * so hehehehehehe i can write my true opinion ; )
You look absolutely sexy ... as always btw Smiley-midget


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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-31 05:47

Hi there!! I got mine today... and sinced I´m in Argetina, I can say that's a big prize to get.
Thanx D-A-D!!
Happy new year to the net pet community!


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Posted: Sat, 2010-01-02 21:07

I also just found mine after coming home from vacation! Thanks a lot, guys!


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