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Posted: Tue, 2013-03-19 23:27

Article in Danish:

With many pictures!

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Thanks for posting the link. Great pictures....wish I spoke the language (or could at least read it). Smiley-midget

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Bad translation via Google Translate. Stig calls us out for being fat:

Danish DAD still want the pants to the American rock fans. On 23 April transmit band released their latest album in the United States. Right now the Quartet completing a two week tour in the States.

For Lasse Gammeljord
Photo: Mikkel Mathiesen

See many more pictures from the concert in GAFFA gallery section.

HOUSTON, TEXAS: It is almost 24 years since the Danish DAD brought the rock Denmark in ecstasy as the group gave birth classic album "No Fuel left for the Pilgrims". Subsequently, they were a hit in Scandinavia, Japan and Australia - and since they tried in the United States, where they even came on the contract, but did not get any breakthrough and was abandoned. Now, the Copenhagen rock band setting up of the band in the American music scene a new trial: On 23 April rebroadcasts album "DIC · NII · LAN · Daft · · ERD ARK" in the states.

23 years after the band finally swung her hair in the states, the four aging musicians for the first time on tour in the U.S. - where they apparently still a niche name among hardcore fans.

American dreams

"In recent years we have recaptured and plays again for example. Thousands of people in Germany. This is such a great feeling. For we are going elsewhere than in Esbjerg, Ronne or Skagen. Therefore we would like to show us in the U.S. again. We have also played at South By Southwest (music festival with thousands of bands. red) in Austin, Texas, which is a huge showcase, "says lead singer Jesper Binzer and continues:

"If we make money, we should be in Denmark. But what we do is not a business or a career. This is a life. Before we get trusses and stockings all together, we are going to experience something".

"And we are over here to beat the drum for the new album," says Laust Sonne, sitting member of the rhythm section.

Danish fans in Texas

The tour began with concerts in Amityville and New York on the east coast. Then the band played three days in a row in Austin, Texas. This evening, where GAFFA meetings DAD, plays the former cowpunkere and stetsonbærende rockers at BFE Rock Club in Houston: A charming little bar with authentic American rockpatina in the form of billiards, Budweiser and plenty of attitude.

Spectator capacity is a few hundred - yet there this evening only half, of which most Danish fans who lifted the ceiling for sweaty rock classics in Texas' dry desert air.

What have proven to be the highlights of the trip?

"We are seeing a cannon response. In Austin was almost crying because we played so well it was," believes bassist Stig Petersen.

"Americans react unusually positive. This is something completely different than playing in Germany. Americans are a rock people," says Jacob Binzer, guitarist.

Waited for 23 years

Jesper Binzer explains: "They are more immediate. And then there are fortunately many of those who like hard rock., We are experiencing a great reunion, many have been waiting for 23 years and have traveled far to meet us., It shines through when people say "Guys, I have waited 23 years for this." It's great to experience the loyalty ".

This evening in Houston meetings columnist excited DAD fans from Montana, 2,700 miles away. However, not all places, Americans have been equally accommodating, tells an anecdotal Laust Sonne.

"Stig and I was going over a street in Manhattan. A black guy going against us and starts yelling:" Whassup you pussy ass mother *******?! HIV Mongkok mother *******, do not stick your dick up MY ASS! It was not so great at the moment. But in hindsight it was actually pretty cool that you could create such a strong reaction. "

"We were reasonably masculine dressed and had stiff wrists. But the rhythm section is always a mess," adds Stig.

New album in the offing

DAD finish the tour with two shows in California, including the legendary Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles. After the United States plays the band the rest of March in France. The sketches for the next album will begin in autumn.

What are fatter in the U.S. than in Denmark?

Stig: "The people! They are so thick. They can not get into the club. They are stuck in the door."

Jesper: "America is not a country, it's a business. Consequently, the service is high."

Jacob: "Rock and roll's seriously in the United States. This is not something you're kidding with. They have a love for it. This is an inspiring lifestyle".

Laust: "Rock Star Life is 100 percent fatter than in Denmark. Geared for it in a different way."

What numbers give you goosebumps still playing?

Jesper: "When we succeed with our jams on 'Sleeping my day away' and 'Grow or Pay', is convicted goosebumps. They last concerts have also been 'goosebumps' on new track 'Last Days in Neverland'."

Jacob: "I like the new, it is new to listen to. Might be routine to play the old songs."

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Thanks for translating, Rod.