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Posted: Wed, 2004-03-17 16:01

Hi all,

I'm trying to get every D-A-D song made, and therefore, i made a list of all the ones i have, and compared it to the list in the "Lyrics"-, and "Tabs"-section. Here are all the ones that i miss:

"Favours" (found out that it is on the japanese Simpatico, and on the Home Alone 4 single)

"I'm a little cloud" (on the japanese Everything Glows)

"Last Mango in Paris" (also on the japanese Everything Glows)

"Time Swallows Time" (on the japanese Helyourselfish)

"This Dream Feels Like Ours" (apparently in a Hatting Brød commercial)

"Faggot Jesus" (?)

"Havana Affair" (?)

"Mother Dear" (?)

"Read it Again" (?)

"The Ghost of Me" (?)

So, if you have any other info on these songs (or know where to get them), know of any other "mysterious" D-A-D songs, please write here. I'll update this list as soon as i get more useful info.

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Posted: Wed, 2004-03-17 16:09


Here you go:

"Faggot Jesus" (?)
"Mother Dear" (?)
"Read it Again" (?)
"The Ghost of Me" (?)

These songs, as well as "192.102" are avaliable at the "Music for jean genie"-album by Jesper Binzer. (Please note, that the album was only released in 499 copies, so its quite hard to find nowadays.

"Havana Affair" (?)

It's an old Ramones track, that D-A-D recorded in their own version, - avaliable at the tribute-album called "The songs Ramones the same"

Hope that was enough answer - otherwise feel free to ask again Smiley



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Posted: Wed, 2004-03-17 16:21

Wow, that was quick! Thanks! Smiley-midget
I just downloaded "This Dream Feels Like Ours" off ZCMI.dk, so now i only need the 6 others.

Man, D-A-D make me so happy!
Curently listening to "Life Right Now"...

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Posted: Wed, 2004-03-17 20:53

The song Ramones the same contains some really good covers. "Havana Affair" is good but you also get good version of some of my favourit swedish bands. My absolute favourite band The Hellacopters plays "what do ya do"(something like that). Absolutely not one of their best songs but stil good. Backyard babies are playinf "pet sementery" and Sahara Hotnihgts plays an extrmely cool version of "Rockaway beach". This album is probably very cheap sa buy it!


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Posted: Thu, 2004-03-18 10:16

those are some of my favourites from the album as well... Quite a nice album btw...

to mention a few other songs I guess you might be interested in...

Sunshine 'n' High Chrome
The Greatest Heroes
Fourtynine Twenty
(all from the soundtrack from "De Største Helte"/"The Greatest Heroes")

This Dream feels like ours (there are two parts of it)

Goodevning Mr. Whack (soundtrack: "Bleeder" as well as on a single)

The Best Years
Bird Of Paradise
(both from the album "Leaving the Planet" by the finnish band "Fishfaces")

And from "Music for Jean Genie":
Read It Again
Kill Once (u forgot this one sem...)
Faggot Jesus
Mother Dear
Ghost of me

hope you can use this...

Try checkin' out udemaerket.dk... you can find almost everything you need... including scanned pics of the albums, singles etc...



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Posted: Thu, 2004-03-18 11:37

Jesper and Stig sang some songs on an album with a band from Finland called The Fishfaces. An okay album. Jesper's vocals are incredible on the 2 songs, he sings Smiley

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