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Posted: Sun, 2004-12-05 15:04

Just a small whine today...

But there's a tiny thing that I find slightly annoying in the news section (I think).

Like... I log in and am directed to ‘The Overmuch Enquirer’ (clever name btw).
There’s what appear to be a brief description of some news.

Today its regarding chapter 3. “While you're waiting for news from the studio: read all about Disneyland After Dark's first record deal back in 1984...”
And then a ‘read more’ link.
I click the ‘read more’ link, am directed to ‘The Overmuch Enquirer’ with the exact same description as before I clicked the ‘read more’ link. Then I can click the ‘first record deal link’ and get directed to chapter 3.

It just seems to me like it’s a detour. It makes the road to chapter 3 a bit longer than needed.

My suggestion is to let the ‘read more’ link direct one to chapter 3. Or at least link to chapter 3 in the first description!

Thank you for your time.


Joined: 2004-08-09

Posted: Sun, 2004-12-05 17:25

Yes, I find it annoying too. Maybe we could have something done about it... I'll see what I can do.