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Posted: Sat, 2005-04-23 15:37

Hi folks,
I guess you don´t know that, but the german band böse onkels used to be a fasho/nazi band a few years ago. Then they claimed that they have changed, not very successfull though. Their image is still the same.
I would not recommend to play with them.


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Posted: Sat, 2005-04-23 16:25

We´ve had this discussion a few weeks ago. Reed it! And I am sure that you haven´t really informed yourself about the onkelz. You believe what other people told you about this theme, don´t you? Make your homework before you judge! And believe in positive changes - take it as a good advice for your own life.

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Posted: Sat, 2005-04-23 16:37

You find the discussion I mentioned under the headline "German Concert". I´ve just updated it.