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Posted: Tue, 2005-05-24 11:49

Thanks fore a wondeful afternoon sunday 28/5. Good music, good beer, lovely company. It was really nice talking to You nr 5. But You dont get the hug.

To You dressed in black I want to say: Is´t shame, pride or what?
My sister blame it on her pride when she didn´t want to step forward and talk to You. She think that it´s Your turn to do something more than just look.
It´s a pity that both of you is so pig-headed.
Sometimes you have to swallow the pride/fear and do something! Like when you two meet inside the passage. You walks right on eachother, both looks at eachother, no one of you moves or say a word.
I know You said something to her one time when you got the opportuity but she barely heard what you said (earplugs problem).
Ha ha You should hit her in the head whith a thick stick and drag her in the hair with you!

If you two wants to improve the contact with us two, let me know. We can take a beer or two.
We are going to Copenhagen saturday 28/5. But not for the concert, we dont get any tickets. Bad luck for us.