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Posted: Tue, 2004-02-17 23:12

HI! and welcome to the Rim of Hell cd-singles store.

It's after dark/sad sad x-mas
mrcxcd2190 kr. 200.-

Bad craziness (live) promotion only
D:A:Dpro242 kr. 200.-

Empty heads promotion only
D:A:Dpromo184 kr. 200.-

I hate to say i... promotion only
D:A:Dpromo203 kr. 200.-

Home alone 4/favours
emi8851902 kr. 200.-

Reconstrucdead/blood in/out
Ill will (live) emi8680972 kr. 200.-

All singles above is signed by jesper, jacob, stig and laust.

Everything glows/summer me soon/I'm a little cloud
emi8885722 kr. 120.-

I hope this interests you.

See Ya!

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