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Posted: Sun, 2005-01-23 19:58

Bad Craziness (AUS CD single)
Nineteenhundredandyesterday (CD single)
Fishfaces - leaving the planet (feat. jesper binzer + stig pedersen)
UDE-MÆR-KET Frederecia!!! (CD bootleg)
Everything Glows (JAP CD album) ny i folie
Words and Music (US MC promo interviwe)
De Største helte (CD soundtrack)
Evil Twin (CD promo single)
Sleeping My Day Away (7" single US)
Sleeping My Day Away (7" single US special sleeve)
Danish & Dynamite (2lp bootleg)
Standin on the never never (12" EP)

I've got some poster too, if anyone should be interested...

Mail me your bits!


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