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Still got a lot for sale… I have put some prices on now, but you can sill bid on the things you like… If you want pics – Just mail me…

Kind Regards, Allan Jespersen

Everything Glows Japanese edition with Obi-strip, 150,-
Simpatico, signed, Bid.
Simpatico, Japanese edition (still sealed) with Obi-strip, Bid.
Helpyourselfish Japanese edition (still sealed) with Obi-strip, Bid
Riskin´ it all US version with I Won’t Cut my hair, 75,-
Osaka After Dark, 150,-
No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims US version, 75,-

Hey Now, 75,-
Everything Glows, 75,-
Nineteenhundredandyesterday, 75,-
Home alone 4, 150,-
Helpyourselfish, 150,-
Reconstrucdead (Sample product from Australia), Bid
Bad Craziness, Australasian Version, 100,-

Soft Dogs, Promo-399 EMI, 100,-
Evil Twin, Promo-316 EMI, 100,-
Something Good, Promo-342, 100,-
Jacketless In December, DAD PRO 230, 100,-
Advanced Listening, promotion CD for Simpatico, Bid.
Mad x-mas, 1998 Christmas gift, signed by all four members, 200,-
Empty Heads, Promo-184 EMI, 100,-
Hate to say I told you so, Promo-203 EMI, 100,-
Unowned (in paper-cover) Promo-102 EMI, 100,-
I Won’t Cut My Hair, DADPROM 112, 100,-

7” Vinyl
Sleeping my day away, Japan promo WEA, 150,-
Hey Now, single, 100,-

12” Vinyl
Scare Yourself, album, 150,-
Scare Yourself, single, 100,-
Riskin´ It All, 50,-
No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims, 50,-
Special, 50,-
Draws a Circle, 50,-
Call Of The Wild, 50,-
Standin’ On The Never Never, EP 1985, first release (misprint), Bid.

Soundtracks with D-A-D numbers
Nattens Engel (Angel of Night), 100,-
Farligt Venskab (Dangerous Friendship), 100,-

CD’s with D-A-D numbers
X-treme Big Hits 2000, 50,-
Absolute Music 24, 50,-
Ekstra bladets Bedst Cd nr. 8 from ‘97, 20,-
Ekstra bladets Bedst Cd nr. 4 from ‘97, 20,-
Zoo CD 17 (PROMO), 45,-
Zoo CD 11 (PROMO), 45,-
Mid-price hits 4, 45,-
Mid-price hits 1, 45,-

Scare Yourself Alive, promo 100,-
Scare Yourself, promotion, with a small drawing by Jesper Binzer, 100,-
Soft Dogs tour poster, Bad shape, 55,-
Gaffa cover poster of Soft Dogs 70 x 100 cm, 100,-

Scare Yourself plaque, Bid.
Scare Yourselt Cap, Black, 150,-
Scare Yourself T-shirt, Yellow, Size M/L woman’s fit, Never used, 100,-
Scare Yourself T-shirt, Black, Size XL, Never used, 100,-
D**NEYLAND – T-shirt, Blue, Size M, Never used, 100,-
D**NEYLAND – T-shirt, Gray, Size M, Never used, 100,-
Everything Glows postcard, 25,-
Simpati Cola, Bid.
Simpatico pin, 100,-
”Disneyland After Dark” book, 40,-
Music trade card from USA 89 in mint quality, 40,-

Official Videos
Video Special in great condition, 150,-
Good Clean Family… 150,-

Albums by D-A-D members
Bleeder soundtrack, 75,-
Zoo CD 19, The fishfaces feat. Jesper Binzer, 45,-
Dear, Don’t turn the lights on single, 30,-
The Whiteouts, The Whiteouts, 120,-
Beth Hart, Leave the light on, featuring Jesper Binzer on “Wild Horses”, 100,-
Store Planer! Soundtrack, featuring Jacob Binzer and Laust Sonne, 100,-

Set-list (Herning 29th of May 2004) 25,-
Set-list (Esbjerg 9th of July 2004) 25,-

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