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Dear D-A-D Madilyn and Me are graduating in 2 years! And we need our favorite instruments that I showed Madilyn!

We need these

Madilyn wants to get the
iPhone bass because she’s into Technology!
Also we will use it for one of our screens of our Stage Sets during our Graduation/No 4th Wall/Instrumental Recitals!

Madilyn wanted me to get the
Rocket/Car/Red Baron bass and the Helmet because I like going on trips and going for rides!
Cow bass because I love milk

Madilyn And I are doing a video called A Day with Madilyn and Sai!

Madilyn and I are going to make the film after our marriage!

We’re getting married after Madilyn goes to college!

I was hoping you’d talk to my daddy about the instrument giving!

His email is craigpitman41@gmail.com

And send Madilyn the email too! madilynwelch@icloud.com

You must ship them to my house! Here’s my address

41 Eager Ct. Marlborough MA

Madilyn and I need the instruments and stuff by