Net Pet Band-chat

D-A-D would like to celebrate the upstart of recordings for their next album, with a chat. To avoid chaos of earlier sessions, where too many chatters attended, causing server-breakdowns and making a meaningful dialog impossible, we have decided to pick 20 winners among applying Net Pets.
In order to apply you'll have to be a member of the new Net Pet Members Club first!
If you're not allready signed up, in the updated version of this service, please take a minute or two, to fill in your details, and get your own personal profile, before you apply for the chat. Since we are reconstructing our Net Pet Community, this also includes members of the old Net Pet Club. If you still want to be a member and receive Net Pet Mails, New Year greetings and other services, you will have to reconfirm your membership in our new system.
It will be possible for everyone to monitor the chat, and hopefully more interesting, as the band-member(s) gets a chance to reply. If some of the 20 chat-participaters goes off line, we will be offering those places to other Net Pets, monitoring the chat.
Date and time of the chat will be announced shortly. So far we're aiming at Tuesday evening, December 9th.