Unique Opportunity to Buy Clothes from Stig's Wardrobe - Three More Days


Monday April 27 at 12-19.
Wednesday April 28 at 12-19.
Thursday April 30 at 12-19.

Stig Pedersen of DAD selling off his amazing wardrobe.

For the first time ever Stig Pedersen of DAD will sell off from his fabulous wardrobe.

You might get your fingers on clothing and accessories that Stig has collected the last 30 years!
There will be fantastic clothes from both Stig’s private, and from his DAD stage wardrobe.
Stig has a great collection of very unique clothing. In particular, he’s collected various t-shirts, and many of them are collectors items.
Stig has also been nominated and won the title as Denmark's best-dressed man in Euroman several times.
Come to bubbles and meet Stig, who will be present on the first day.
This huge flea market will take place:

Thursday April 23 at 11-18.
Friday April 24 at 11-18.
Saturday April 25 at 11-15.

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