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Hi there, my name is Andrew and I live in London, England. I have been a fan of D-A-D since Bad Craziness was all over MTV! The first time I saw them live was at a small club called the Underworld in Camden, on the Helpyourselfish tour. That was a very sweaty gig! It was a long time before D-A-D would be back in the UK. When Simpatico came out I thought it was the best thing they had ever done. But still no UK dates! When Everything Glows was released, I thought about coming over to Denmark but I didn't have enough spare holiday! Maybe next time, I thought. And I did eventually catch them on the Soft Dogs tour at the Forum in KĂžbenhavn. Woohoo! It was probably the best gig I have ever been to. I have seen them 3 times since then - once in London and two nights in Esbjerg - but that Forum show was easily the best!